The Shalamuka Foundation is a trust formed in 2006 to act solely as the funding vehicle for the highly regarded Penreach Whole School Development Program (Penreach).

The Penreach mission statement is To improve the quality and accessibility of education in disadvantaged communities.

Penreach is a non-profit in-service skills development program supporting qualified and unqualified educators in Mpumalanga and the surrounding areas.

Penreach provides skills training to educators, daily visits to schools by experienced fieldworkers and tutorial workshops to Mathematics and Physical Science learners.

Founded in 1994 with 40 educators from 10 schools, Penreach has grown successfully over 15 years, reaching more than 2 000 educators annually from over 900 schools. It is estimated that 350 000 learners benefit each year as a result of Penreach.

Penreach's upliftment of local communities via improvement in education has been recognised by numerous awards.

100% of the beneficiaries are black South Africans. At least 94% are women and more than 50% are from rural communities. Beneficiaries are identifiable by their registration with the program.

Penreach is replicated in a number of other schools in South Africa, which have initiated their own teacher outreach programs based on the Penreach model.

Penreach is replicated in a number of other schools, which have initiated their own teacher outreach programmes based on the Penreach model.


"We became involved with Penreach because it had people and a community that were not only talking about the problems in the community with regard to education but doing something about it. We had a success story to follow. Penreach is about voluntary involvement from the community, teachers, parents, the business community."
Paul Harris: Chairman, The Shalamuka Foundation

I travel 150 kilometres each way to attend the monthly Penreach workshops, but I make the trip without a second thought, because Penreach not only helps me, but gives me the tools to help my community as well.
Jolina Ndlovu: Elukwatini Primary School

"The more researchers probed the more connections were made, suggesting very strong impact of Penreach on its clientele."
Prof Ray Basson: School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand

Penreach is way of life for me. Penreach builds our confidence as professionals. We are role models for others. And our children are benefiting.
Rahab Sikhwari: Penreach Primary School Teacher of the Year

"I became a Trustee because I know how important it is for all South African's to have a good education. The Penreach project appeals to me because it is passionate about what it does, which is to improve education for all."
Yvonne Chaka Chaka: Shalamuka Trustee

"I never believed that Science learning would be so easy for me. I have always been struggling to balance chemical equations. The simulations from the software in the mobile laboratory have made things easy for me. Now I understand better."
Grade 11 learner: Makhosana High School, Mpumalanga Province